“I need to tell you all something,” Mike said after Drake, Emery and I had piled into the car and closed the doors. “Tyler asked  for my blessing to ask Makenna to marry him.”

“Woah!” Emery said.

“When?” Drake asked.

“He is going to do it in a few minutes,” Mike said.

I spent the next several minutes wondering where all the air had gone. Her life flashed before my eyes: this tiny person who
smiles like the brilliant sun, loves like the deep ocean, somehow convinced me to get a tattoo with her, laughs at jokes she doesn’t understand, and gets sick whenever the temperature plummets below 70 degrees. How had her years of being a minor ended so quickly? I had thought I had a couple more years before these kind of changes began.

I usually want my life to feel like a wagon ride, but, instead, it usually feels like a Nascar race.

engaged 2We all arrived at the dog park and let our dogs run in the tall weeds. We laughed as they sank in the gooey mud and swam in the frigid lake. Then Tyler, quietly and without much to-do, bent to one knee and asked Makenna for the rest of forever. It was simple and loving and special. They were giddy, and I caught Mike’s eye over the giggling. His eyes were twinkling with tears and he made his way to my side.

“I think we just got another son,” he said grabbing my hand.

“Yeah,” I smiled. “I think that is exactly what just happened.”

I’m pretty sure he arrived in a race car.

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