Family Value #9

When life gets stripped down to its very core, there is really just one goal: please God.

It is such a simple value, and yet it gets so complicated.

“When we say our family value is to please God, it sounds simple,” Mike told the kids as we finished eating supper. “But, how can you guys do that in your daily lives?”

“It can be hard,” Josiah answered, “because our time is filled with school and homework. I guess we could try to go to more church activities.”

“Pleasing God isn’t about going to church or singing hymns or praying,” Mike explained. “The Bible instructs us to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God.”

“It’s often an individual practice,” I said. “It’s personal.”

“There is a lot of pressure at school to fit in so you can get friends and then continue to fit in so you can keep your friends,” Makenna said. “And there’s a lot of drama in friend groups, so it is easy to gossip or act mean to someone. Stepping out of that cycle would probably please God.”

A few months later, Makenna, Josiah and Drake went to homecoming in a chaotic whirlwind of forgetting their tickets, borrowing dress clothes, and coordinating photo shoots. Surprisingly, Makenna was the first to arrive back home.

“I didn’t expect you home by 10,” I told her when she walked in.

She said, “The night started off weird. I didn’t know mosthomecoming of the other girls in the group we went with, and they were all friends. I was trying to fit in all through dinner. We went to the dance, and it was more of the same. Then I noticed a girl from school out on the dance floor. She has special needs and was dancing awkwardly and all alone. So, I left my group and went and danced with her. She got really excited that someone was dancing with her, and she laughed and smiled the whole time. I left pretty quick after that. Nothing else seemed very important.”

Yes, I believe God was pleased.






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