Foliage For Supper

“Drake, when was the last time you ate any vegetables?” I asked as he passed the bowl of salad without taking any.

“You know I hate anything green,” he answered.

“You don’t even like it with Ranch on it?” Josiah asked.

“Leaves shouldn’t be eaten,” Drake explained.

“Salad isn’t the same as leaves,” Josiah told him.

“Salad is exactly the same as leaves,” Drake said.

“Here,” Josiah said as he grabbed a piece of lettuce and dipped it in Ranch, “try this.”

A good sport, Drake took a bite. Then he crinkled his nose and said, “Disgusting.”

“Now should I go get you a leaf?” Josiah asked.Drake eats a leaf

“Yes please.”

So Josiah walked out the back door and into the backyard. He quickly climbed the tree and picked a leaf. He returned to the table, dipped the leaf in ranch, and handed it to Drake.

“Woah!” Drake said after taking a bite, “That is horrible! Leaves are much more disgusting than salad.”

So, now we know that.

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