Covid Diaries 3

“Supper is ready,” Mike said as he set 2 plates of fish on the table with some steamed vegetables.

“Thanks for cooking,” I said, finally able to move my head without the throbbing of the Covid headache causing instant regret. “Eating healthy is so easy when I can’t taste it.”

“Maybe Covid is making us into better people,” Mike answered.

“You seem like you’re feeling so much better,” I smiled at him.

“I get tired fast, but I feel like a person again.”

“And I’m just two days behind you, so that’s encouraging.”

Mike grabbed my hand, and we both closed our eyes to give thanks for our meal. After a moment of silence, Mike cleared his voice and began praying.

“Jesus, thank you for the fish. We know you like fish because you made it for Peter. Amen.”

I’m not sure if we should blame that prayer on Covid or on the quarantine.

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