Corona Peace

Nobody knows the rules anymore, and the ones we think we know seem to change all the time. Do we need to wear a mask or not? Has the curve been flattened or not? I am an educated person, but I can’t make sense of all the conflicting reports bombarding me. Some people are terrified to begin socializing, and others believe all these precautions are as damaging as the virus. Some people think those in power are corrupt and this was handled poorly, and others admire the tough decisions our officials have made in this time of uncertainty.

Only one thing is obvious – people have very strong and opposite opinions. Sometimes, though, we wear our opinions like swords. We are sure of them and swing them around. But swords have never been good at creating peace.

Everyone has different conditions to consider. Some are in fragile health and need to be more cautious than those of us who are not. Some people care for others and need to consider the needs of the weak. Some people need to prioritize mental health over their physical health in this moment. People will come out of this in different ways and at different speeds.

I want to be the kind of person who can watch someone handle this differently than me, or even in a way I disagree with, and that person will never know it.

Let’s have grace. Let’s be people of peace.

Let’s put our swords down.

2 thoughts on “Corona Peace

  1. Sharla….hey sweet friend!! I’m catching up on my emails that I told myself I’d read later!! Well later has arrived and I LOVE the message in this post!! Thank you Sharla….I’m always amazed how anyone can be so wrong cuz afterall….I’m ALWAYS so right 😂🤣😂🤣😂!! I do keep my mouth shut but I do love to be able to discuss my frustrations with those who are perfectly in sync with my beliefs on these no-no topics. I know at the center of each option is truth….I pray God guides me to His truth…..thank you for always sharing what’s on your heart!! God has truly given you a gift!! Love u my friend

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