About Me

Sharla Hintz
Sharla Hintz

I was the mother of four young children when my world fell apart. What I thought was a carefree, secure life crumbled in the space of a blink when my husband, Mike, confessed to me that our  Happily Ever After wasn’t. I panicked, cried, yelled, threw things, and screamed, “What happened to my marriage?” I couldn’t figure out how my life had taken such a sharp turn.

The path we took out of that mess was complicated, painful, and redemptive. It changed the deep, elemental core of both of us. It broke us. It emboldened us. It made us beautiful.

4 teenage kids
Emery, Drake, Makenna, and Josiah

I am an author, speaker, and blogger. I help motivated but overwhelmed wives and mothers by sharing the insights I learned as I walked through the darkness of betrayal and back out again so women can overcome their circumstances and thrive again.

In my book, Love Again, I share the painful process I walked through. I hope it will be helpful as well as encouraging.

In addition, I blog about my family, my pets, and my thoughts. This is a glimpse into the post-crisis family who stuck together and made it through.