Month: July 2018

Sun Tea

“What is the purpose of making tea in a jar outside,” Drake asked one sunny afternoon.

“When you put it in the sun,” I explained, “it brews slower than boiling it, so it ends up with a milder flavor.”

“MILDER?” he asked, incredulous. “How can it possibly be milder than tea? Tea is the mildest already. It’s basically water with a hint of grass. There is no milder. Milder is water.”

He’s not wrong.

You Can’t Remember Everything

I looked at Josiah as he rummaged around the kitchen assembling a plate full of nachos, and I thought about all that changed in this last year. So much. It still surprises me sometimes to see him with short hair instead of his characteristic long blonde curls. I vividly remember watching his hair fall to the floor as his head was shaved bald after his second brain surgery, and I’ll never be able to forget the long, ugly scar that crossed his head for months. Makenna, sitting next to me at the table, had the same thoughts.

“I think it’s really great,” she said to Josiah as he sat down with us, “that your hair is getting long enough to start to curl again.”

“Wait,” he asked, shocked, “what?”

“You know,” she said, “it’s nice to see your hair grow back enough to start to get curly again.”

“Oh!” he said feeling his hair with both hands, “I have curly hair! I forgot, and I just kept thinking that I must be sleeping on it really weird!”

At least one of us is over it.