Month: June 2017

Flip Flop

“What movie do you want to see,” I asked Mike as I drove him and his broken leg to the gas station where we should own stock.

“I’m not sure,” he answered as my phone dinged with an incoming text.

“Will you read my text to me,” I asked Mike┬ásince I was driving.

“It’s from Drake and he says he is going to be home tonight,” Mike told me.

“I think Josiah is going to be home tonight too,” I said. “Do you know Emery’s plans?”

“She is working till five, but then she will be home.”

I looked at Mike and my eyes said everyone will be home except us. His raised eyebrow asked do you want to cancel our date night plans and go home. My crooked smile said yes, but I don’t want you to think date night isn’t important to me.

“You call and order pizza,” Mike said, “and I’ll text the kids and let them know we are bringing supper home.”

“Remember when we used to schedule regular date nights and get babysitters to make sure we had time together? It seems like that was about six blinks ago. Now we are canceling plans and rushing home to make sure we see the kids.”

“Yeah,” Mike agreed. “Life can sure slap you with a big ‘ol flip flop.”

It sure does.