Month: February 2017


“Good morning,” I said to Josiah as he stumbled into the kitchen, sleep lines etched across his face. “Would you like me to make you some eggs?”

“No,” he yawned. “I’m going to have nachos.”

“Didn’t you eat nachos before you went to bed last night,” I asked.

“Yes, but I’m going to have breakfast nachos now.”

“Oh. How do you make those? With scrambled eggs and bacon?”

“No. I make them just like normal,” he said.

“So what makes them breakfast nachos?”

“They are nachos, and I eat them at breakfast time,” he explained.

And now I know how that is done.

Fist Fire

In our house, we celebrate Christmas and New Year’s with unbridled enthusiasm. We take a few days after the Holidays to catch our breath and then we plunge full steam ahead into “Birthday Alley.” Mike’s birthday is first, then Drake turns the same age as Josiah. The boys are the same age for two weeks, and, in the middle of that two-week time, Makenna has a birthday and turns one year older than Josiah.

“Josiah,” Drake said after one of the birthdays (but it’s hard to keep track of which one), “grab the rest of these candles and let’s light them on fire.”

Both boys stuffed their fists full of birthday candles. I knew in my head that it was a bad idea. Maybe I didn’t stop them because they are now adults. Maybe it was because I was overdosed on cake. Maybe I knew it would be funny. I won’t deny that I pulled out my phone and prepared the camera.

“Go ahead,” Josiah told Drake as he put his fistful of candles near Drake’s fistful so Drake could light them at the same time.

With fire in their hands, they began singing a low-voiced rendition of Happy Birthday. Until their singing turned to yelling.

“The wax is dripping!” Drake shouted.

“It burns!” Josiah howled.

The more they tried to blow out the flames, the more the wax landed on their skin.

I was right – it was funny.


Suddenly Home

“What’s happening at home tonight?” Emery asked as she closed her math book with a sigh of relief.

“I think everyone will be gone except me,” I answered, looking in the refrigerator and weighing the pros and cons of cooking a meal for one. I decided there were no pros, so I grabbed a box of cereal and put it on the counter.

“I think I’ll stay home,” Emery said. “I’m tired, and a night at home sounds perfect.”

“Okay,” I said, putting the cereal away and grabbing the leftover chili. It would be enough for two if we ate a lot of crackers with it.

“Hey,” Josiah called as he walked up the steps from the basement, “Are you talking about plans for tonight? Because I’m going to be home.”

“Oh, okay!” I said, putting the chili away and grabbing some ground beef. I figured if I made sloppy joes, it would stretch enough to feed three.

“Maybe we can play a game after supper,” Josiah suggested.

“Hello,” Drake called, suddenly walking through the front door.

“Drake!” we all said in unison.

“What are you doing here?” Josiah asked as he wrapped his brother in a bear hug.

“I decided to come home for the night,” Drake explained as he lifted Emery off the ground in a hug.

“Great!” I said, putting the sloppy joe ingredients away. “How about I whip up a pizza, and then we can play a game?”

“Perfect!” they said racing each other downstairs to watch the Japanese show they love.

I tuned on some music as I rolled out the pizza dough and smiled as I had to turn it louder several times due to the laughter coming from the basement and filling the house.

I may never know what to make for supper.

But I’ll take it.